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Would You like to Host or Attend an Apache Knife Training Course?

Apache Knife Tradition, Not Asian Martial Arts. We do not teach Escrima, Kali or Arnis, but a true Native American Art. Students from all Knife systems are welcome to come and Experience Apache Knife Training.

Anyone who would like to host a seminar in your state or country you may contact Robert Redfeather by email or by phone or text message 714-943-8127 to schedule a date.  If you would like to host a seminar out of the U.S. it would be appreciated because we are a small business if you would take care of the flight ticket, transportation, and lodging.  All payments are through PayPal ONLY.  For larger groups over ten people can be accommodated.

U.S. Military,Security Teams, Civilian Seminars



1 day seminar-$125.00 for Apache Knife Combat Course, from 8:00am-5:00pm. This is a 8-10 hour 1 day course.

This course will not be for certification. No Refund

2 day seminar-$250.00 for Apache Knife Combat Apache Knife Ghostdog Apprentice Certificate. (upon passing course)
from 8:00am-5:00pm This is a 8-10 hour 2 day course. This course will be for certification. 
No Refund

3 day seminar- $450.00 includes 3 days of 8-hour training courses, Apache Knife Ghostdog Apprentice Certificate. (upon passing course)
certificate (upon passing course).
For Instructor Certification you must attend all days. for additional days $100.00 per person  No Refunds 

4. All Apache Knife Instructor renewal license - $300.00
Includes 3 days of 8-hour training and an Apache Knife Instructor certificate.
(Or if already a Ghost Dog Instructor then will receive an Apache Knife Professional Instructor certificate.)
No Refund 

                                                                     Apache Knife Seminar 

The Apache Knife Combat Scouts: A Way of Life 



Apache Knife Combat  Scouts is the art of being able to follow and hunt down a man by following his path and signs left behind. 

How  is combat tracking / mantracking different from tracking animals? Animals do not conceal their tracks and have set characteristics, but the enemy is cunning and skillful and is capable of concealing his tracks.

The art of tracking is not new. The tactical employment of trackers is not new either. Native American Indians Scouts were used in US. Military, Korea, Vietnam and yes Rhodesia to name just a few.

Trackers prove very successful because they were able to pass back valuable information such as strength, speed, and other pertinent information required to successfully bring the fight to their enemy and destroy.

Those interested are Encouraged to Call Robert Redfeather For More Information:  1-714  943-8127

Apache Knife Scouts Tracking School for Public     1095 Armstead Rd.  Star City, AR.71667-8811

Option 1.   for 1 Day.........$125.00
Option 2.   for 2 Days.......$250.00
Option 3.   for 1 week.......$800.00

Option 4.   for 2 weeks.....$1400.00
Apache Scouts Tracking School



Apache Knife Gift Certificate,

This year get your loved ones a Apache Knife Gift Certificate,

The Gift Certificate never expires get it for Apache Knife Seminars or Apache Scout Combat Tracking Course.

All Payments must be made a month in advanced to date of /> •If you choose to pay through PayPal just click on the PayPal Button or you can go directly to and make your payment to
•Please note which Seminar you are planning to attend and leave a phone number at which you can be contacted in the comment section of PayPal.
•If Making payment by Money order or Check Send to: Apache Knife   1095 Armstead Rd. Star City,71667-8811
•Please note on check or money order which Seminar you are planning to attend and a phone number at which you can be contacted.
•You will need to bring a valid Drivers license or Military ID.





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Dao Go Te' doo Hondah
Means to say It is good we meet and welcome.

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