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Name: Alana Liles
Country: Central Daylight Time Date: 3/31/2007 9:16 PM
Dear Mr. Redfeather,
I am honored to have met you a couple of weeks ago in Orange County!  I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar, and feel I learned a great deal from you.  You have sparked certain awareness within me, and have put me on a path of seeking more...I have continued training, and look forward to the day that I can meet you again.  I hope to not only continue training, but also learn more of the Apache Way.
Thank you for your time and presence here in California.  I look forward to seeing you again, hopefully soon!
All the best,
Painted Wolf  ( Ishdieesh ba'cho )

Name: Robert O'Dell
Country: Central America Standard Time Date: 9/3/2006 7:27:28 PM
Hello my name is Robert O'Dell.  I am in the Marine Corps reserve and I also am an instructor with Tom Whitakers Premier martial arts in Collinsville IL.  Recently some of our instructors and students attended a semiar taught by Mr. Redfeather, and in conjunction with the DVD I was very impressed. Some of the stories told to me appreared to be super human and I desire to become part of the Ghost Dog family. I have just basic inquires about the program such as length of training, when training can be conducted,  tuition and ect. Basically the buisness, and logistics side.  And mostly if you would due me the honor of even allowing me to train with you.  I look forward to hearing back from you. 
Thanks again.

Name: Mike Blackgrave
Country: Central America Standard Tim Date: 7/13/2006 6:16:50 PM

Hello...My name is Mike Blackgrave 43 of San Antonio Texas. I am extremly interested in your Apache Knife system and I am looking for guidance on where to study and how to get started etc. A good friend of mine Mr. Bill Anderson of Chicago who recently became an apprentice instructor guided me to this site and to get in touch with Mr. Redfeather directly. I have been training in martial combative for 24 plus years earning instructor ranks in Pekiti tirsia Kali, Goju Ryu Karate and Malayu Silat, I have also trained diligently in Wing Chun (which I still study regularly) also Kuntao and Kenpo with a strong working knowledge in western boxing as well as freestyle wrestling. I am also a veteran of the US Army and have studied CQB during my hitch. I truly wish to learn the intricacies of Apache knife, everything I have heard and read especially from my friend Bill is that this method is as good as it gets. Perhaps I could one day earn the privilege of representing Apache Knife in the South Texas, San Antonio Area.
Sincerly yours

Mike Blackgrave

Name: Michael Penafiel
Country: Central America Standard Ti Date: 1/17/2006 12:52:59 AM
Mr. Redfeather,
Thank you very much for the training, the advice, the pushups, the stories, the lessons, etc..  To tell you that I enjoyed this weekend would be an understatement.  I was fortunate that it was a small seminar and the training was very personal.  I am also fortunate that I was able to pass your course.  Thank you for the name, I'm actually curious as to how it came about.

After a little bit of processing, and dreaming in my sleep, I want to tell you that I learned much more than how to knife fight and survive a knife fighter.  I was exposed to a mind-set, and, more impotantly, a spiritual base and a way of life (that's something I haven't learned at other seminars).  I thank you greatly for that.  You have left your mark on me.

I wish you luck with your wife and family.  I hope things work out the way they need to, and that all will be well.  I'm taking a road trip sometime in late May or earlyJune.  If I do, I'd like to visit you and your training center in Arkansas if it's possible.  We'll see how the year unfolds.

Best wishes to you and yours.  If I can help you in any way, let me know.

Tiger Dog

Name: SSG Scott Brenton
Country: Kuwait Date: 11/8/2005 9:53:25 PM
Hello Red,
Sorry I haven't contacted you sooner but Internet access wasn't as available as we were told. We're in Kuwait waiting to go North. We spent a month at Ft. Sill training on basic tasks and Combat Life Saver as well as marksmanship. Last month was spent at FT Irwin, Ca. training on convoy escort, anti-ambush and close combat marksmanship. Albert and I train knife with a few others as time permits. He had an opportunity to train with Special Forces sniper teams during our 1st week of ranges, he said it was a blast. There have been a lot of long hours with little time off until now. Our equipment hasn't caught up to us yet so we taking it easy for a few days. Hope you family is well and I hope to have a few pictures to send soon. I have to go now, stay safe.

SSG Scott Brenton
HHC 2-137 IN
Supply NCO
Kansas National Guard

Name: Dain
Country: South Africa Date: 8/22/2005 5:01:08 PM
Recently I saw your course  advertised in a magazine with it being offered for free to active duty military this is one of the nicest thing I have  seen in a long time, The Apaches have always been respected for their courage, convictions and bravery. I am a Vietnam Combat Marine and wish this offer was around when
I was in the Military. In a book I have read about Indian Running, Apaches were greatly praised for their running ability. Again your Patriotism to our country is greatly admired and respected.

Sincerely Yours,
Dain, Rome, New York


Name:  Sgt : Brenton
Country: U.A.S. Date: 8/11/2005 4:48:19 PM
Hello Redfeather,
I spoke with Sgt. Reed today. He said he was coming down to train. I was hoping Albert and I would be able to come down also, but there is to much going on at work. Sgt. Reed is a good man, he looks out for his troops. How is your family doing? I hope everyone is well. I managed to take some leave and took my family to Florida for a few days and then visited relatives in Atlanta. Albert and I haven't been able to get together and train very often so we have to practice solo. I've had a warpost in my backyard for a couple years so I've been spending time working against it. We are heading to Ft. Sill next month and we are also hoping to get a free weekend where we might be able to arrange a weekend seminar. If you would be able to do it that would be great. He and I had talked about coming to you with some more guys or arranging for you to come to us at Ft. Sill. We won't be able to lock anything in until we get there and find out our schedule. I've been told today that there may not be any time off there, so we have to wait and see. By the way, thanks again for the feather. I look at it everyday and it inspires me to reflect on my life, my family and the missions we are about perform among other things. It helps keep me motivated. I plan on taking it with me and wearing it on my body armor when we are on missions. I appreciate the consideration that you gave us by giving them to us. Have to go, talk to you soon.

Name: Roan Theron
Country: South Africa Date: 5/10/2005 4:17:25 AM
Keep up the great work - looking forward to meet you soon.
Doa Go Te'do Handah...!
Personal Protection Academy   


Name: Paul Grey
Country: ENGLAND Date: 5/4/2005 7:04:07 AM

Hi Robert,
recieved DVD here in the UK already. It was exellent. Are you planning a UK trip at all?
Best Wishes

Name: R Hastings
Country: USA Date: 4/19/2005 2:43:56 PM
Mr. Redfeather,
I received the DVD yesterday. All I can say is WOW.
Im in the process of getting a training blade, similar to the one I take to the field with me. Its pictured in the link below: Thanks again for a great product.
 The training provided in your DVD will definitely enhance my Aikido training.
Thanks again for a great product

TSgt R Hastings
rd Special Operations Group


Name: Fernan D. Vargas  IL.
Country: USA Date: 4/6/2005 4:39:18 PM
A Response to: Dr. Sam Lonewolf,10th Dan-D. Min. Let me start by clarifying something.  I am a self defense practitioner and instructor.  I am not a martial artist or sport athlete.  I do not believe in doing things because they are aesthetically appealing or because generations before me did them that way.  I believe only in what I can make work for myself and my students. You mentioned in your letter the following: The whiteman taught our people well about division. And apparently you learn that lesson well. YES!  There should be a division.  I am in full agreement.  I think the division should be between, negligent martial artists claiming to teach realistic self defense and Reality based self defense instructors who actually care about teaching people realistic survival skills. people who have a conscience that would not allow them to teach fancy, pretty, worthless junk.
You mentioned in your letter the following: Ancient Ones, or live by a world full of gossip and word mongering. For life is to valuable to let it be wasted on anger. Learn from your mistakes. I believe you owe an apology to two people. They are Grandmaster Adrian Roman and Grandmaster Robert Redfeather. I owe no apologies to anyone.  CI Redfeather would not have allowed me to post my article if he had any concerns about it.  As for Roman, Slander is when you lie about someone.  Everything in my article is true from my point of view.  In fact Roman owes me an apology for selling me a junk system on DVD.  Roman owes a lot of people apologies. 1st he owes an apology to all of the people who bought his dvd with the false pretense that they would learn self defense from it. Mr. Roman may be a phenomenal fighter, who knows maybe all that he taught would work great for him,  Its irrelevant, because it wont work for the average person.  Hell we should get Roman a contract with the military.  I am sure that the soldiers would love to learn one handed knife take aways, it would make their jobs a lot easier. 
2nd he owes all of you martial artists an apology for making a joke out of your traditions by selling black belts without ever seeing the individual student. In your letter You challenge me to live by your four virtues, I already have:

I was wise enough to identify that Mr. Roman's knife defenses are drastically negligent.  I challenge ANYONE in the world to attempt those defenses against an active, aggressive, attacker in full out scenario training.  They will not work as they are demonstrated. 

I was brave enough to speak my mind publicly.  I didn't play the politically correct role and tow the party line of "There is no best way, We are all Martial artists, etc, etc.  I saw something that didnt work and I said so.  I was breve enough to let others know that those techniques would get an innocent person killed after instilling a false sense of security in them.

(Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage.) I have demonstrated fortitude in my training and my determination to bring real world self defense to the public.  I have endured physical pain in high stress realistic scenario training so that I could know without a shadow of a doubt that a technique was viable before presenting it to the public.  In a world of critical martial artist who spend too much time either in-fighting or patting themselves on the back, I have demonstrated the fortitude of mind necessary to continue to promote and educate people on the need for realistic self protection regardless of the critics or drones.

4. Generosity.
I regularly train people who don't have the financial means to train.  I often run my school at a loss from a business prospective.  I however, dot care.  Send me someone who has a real need for real world self protection skills and I will not turn them away period.

You stated that I:
"For life is to valuable to let it be wasted on anger. Learn from your mistakes"

Name: Dr. Sam Lonewolf  TX.
Country: USA Date: 4/6/2005 1:43:08 PM
Dear Brother Redfeather,
As I sit here after reading Mr. Vargas's statement, I now direct these words to him via your guestbook. Please understand that my words for are directed at him ( Mr. Vargas ). Mr. Vargas, I have been in the martial arts for forty-seven years of the fiftyifive years I've lived on the Mother Earth; and I would be stupid to not recognize that there were many other martial artists before me of Native American Indian Blood and there are many out there who legitimately hold Grandmaster, Master, and Instructor/Sifu certifications. Some of those who came before me, were Grandmaster Robert Trias, Mayan/Aztec; Grandmaster Montezumas Cantu, Grandmaster/Professor Moses Powell; and still we have Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Aztec; Robert Redfeather, Apache; Hank Adams, Lakota, Ken Shamrock and Frank Shamrock; Frank Trejo, Aztec; Soke Dr. John J. Williams, Wabenakee and many more that it would, that it would take me four
pages to write down. We don't go around wearing our rank on our sleeves, nor do we advertize opur Native American Indian Heritage and Decent. We are proud of
who we are. The whiteman taught our people well about division. And apparently you learn that lesson well. In the martial arts, we who are of Native American
Indian Heritage and Decent, are our proud of our accomplishments. But something I learn along time ago, was taught to me by the Elders and Spiritual Leaders of my people. It is how to live with the teachings of the Ancient Ones. And they are what we call virtues : 1. Wisdom, 2. Bravery, 3. Fortitude, and 4.
Generosity. And in learning these virtues in my life, I have come to truely understand the following : " My color is Purple, My world is the a rainbow." these words were spoken by Professor Moses Powell, Cherokee and African American. So my words to you Mr. Vargas, meet the challenge of living the lessons of our Forefathers, the Ancient Ones, or live by a world full of gossip and word mongering. For life is to valuable to let it be wasted on anger. Learn from your mistakes. I believe you owe an apology to two people. They are Grandmaster Adrian Roman and Grandmaster Robert Redfeather. One for slander and the other for using him to post your words of hatred and division. Our people need don't need division. We are loosing our children and the next generation to alcohol, drugs, violence and suicide. Do something to better the life of an Elder, or a Needy Person around you, instead of badmouthing. This is my chaleenge to you. Because if can't meet this challenge, then all the martial arts in world will be of no good to you. Remember this, Robert Redfeather is my Apache Brother and we are from the same Reservation, and Adrian Roman is my Choctaw Brothjer. The three of us are martial artists. I can stand by my rank and martial arts' lineage. And most importantly I don't live by cheap words. My actions are my life, my lance, and my Knife; and teachings of the Ancient Ones always guide me. Be Blessed and Walk In Beauty Always. Respectfully, Dr. Sam Lonewolf, 10th Dan-D. Min.  Hawaiian Kosho Ryu Kenpo Jiu Jitsu First Nation Martial Arts


Name: Andrew Jordan 
Country: update from Holland Date: 2/10/2005 1:08:44 AM
I tried to ring you at home on the number on Jodi's card. Things are going well here. As per the Apache Knife training. I have 4 students now, 2 of which are taking their graduation next Tuesday. I will run it exactly the way you explained on my course. I had one of Yvonne's students ask if he could take part in the AK course. The course lasts 6 sessions of 3 hours. Then they take their graduation.
As you taught me I teach them: it's extreme! They do get banged up on their first session. And I always sit at home for days afterwards wondering if I have been too tough on them. But they seem to come back and they all seem to be improving rapidly. I can tell this by the bumps and bangs I am getting more often now. I would like to take the professional instructor course next time I come the the Spirit of Steel show in September. Is that at all possible? In the future would it be possible to have an officially sanctioned trainer and training days here in Holland and somehow we link together through a website? I will send photo's of John and Eelco's graduation. Maybe one day we will be able to get you to come over to give them their official Gost dog name. I wish you and your family well and hope to hear from you soon.        Kind regards,

Dog Heart

Name: Joel Champ  
Country: usa Date: 2/1/2005 8:41:17 AM

Mr. Redfeather,

I received your DVD and I have watched it a couple times already! I understand its only a taste and overview of your system, but i was very impressed by the reality of the methodologies that I saw! I have a question, I see that the Illinois seminar says "locked in" although you still have the option to pay for it and it says spaces available on the website. Does this mean i can still sign up??? I can get the rest of the money by tonight if I can still come to your seminar. PLEASE let me know if there are still spaces available and i WILL sign up by this evening! After watching your video, I know this is something I need to be a part of. Please e-mail me back and let me know if i can still make it to your seminar here in Chicago.
Thank you very much sir,

Joel Champ
ps. I bought a couple of books on the Apache culture, one is first hand accounts of what they went though during the days transitioning from their way of life to rez life. what a rich history!

Name: Joel Champ  
Country: usa Date: 1/9/2005 2:52:42 PM
Mr. Redfeather,
I read your website all the way through and had my question about the basic instructor answered, I would VERY interested in your DVD as a basic intro into what you teach at your seminars. I really hope I can muster the finds to go to the seminar here in feb., I am VERY interested in the knife system and culture of the Apache people. I was very happy to read in your membership guidelines that its members should have an interest in Apache culture too, i think that is very important aspect of the full picture to give the respect and honor to the people who gave and preserved this knowledge. I would also like to hear more about your background and experiences.  
yours truly,    Joel Champ  

Name: Matt Simmonds
Country: usa Date: 12/30/2004 11:19:43 AM
Hello Robert,
My name is Matt Simmonds and I recently had the pleasure of training with Hank Hayes of No Lie Blades in my home state of Pennsylvania. I learned a great deal from Hank, and plan on continuing our professional relationship in the future. It was through Hank I learned of you and Apache Knife. As the primary DT instructor for the Pa. State Deputy Sheriffs academy, I am constantly looking for new techniques to improve our training methods. Edged weapon defense is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood arts in the field of law enforcement, yet almost every officer is carrying some type of blade these days. I retired from law enforcement over a year ago, and while I still teach at the academy, I am starting my own business (Private Investigator, and Physical Security Specialist). My company is Aramis Security Network, Inc., (ASNI) I am starting a program to teach various agencies, both government and private, legal use of force. Edged weapon defense is a major part of this, and would like to learn more of your system, but also would love to learn more about the warrior mindset from in my opinion, the greatest warriors ever to go into battle. I got my company logo idea years ago from an old Apache proverb "Better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand." I hope time will allow me to travel and meet you someday, but in the interim, would you be able to refer me to some reference to study more about the Apache fighting styles, and what made you and your ancestors the great fighters they were, and still are. Thank you in advance for your help, and if I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Matt Simmonds

Name: Dan R. McEaddy
Country: usa Date: 12/24/2004 7:55:35 PM
I send you greetings my Brother:
I had the pleasure of visiting your web site. I was very impressed with what I read.
My name is Dan McEaddy, I been studying and faithfully practicing
martial arts since the mid 1950's. My favorite weapon like yourself is the knife.Throwing knives is my favorite pass time think that you are a credit to our country, and as well to the martial arts community. During this Holiday season I wish you the best of health in which life has to offer.(body ,mind,and spirit)
May the FATHER SUN, MOTHER MOON and CHILDREN OF THE STARS keep your path full of light and protection.

Name: Diana
Country: usa Date: 11/28/2004 2:17:47 PM
Hi Robert,
I met your brother Ralph Redfeather a few months ago and he is the one that told me about your seminars.   I am a friend of Snakeblocker who is Apache who will probably get in touch with one of you soon.  He just came back from military duty (Kuwait).  As part of my native roots, I am interested in learning the knife fighting techniques and would like to know where your June 2005 classes will be held.   I live in Bellflower near Buena Park where your brother lives and hoping that a Classes will be held nearby by area.  Many thanks!
Respectfully yours


Name: Tommy Cindric
Country: usa Date: 11/24/2004 6:49:45 PM
SA Tommy Cindric - Drug Enforcement Administration/Washington DC Division Office I am looking inot your February Class. Going to take the syllabus on the Web Site and see if I can get DEA to pay for med to come to your school. I maybe calling if I need additional information.

Name: Joe Gurule
Country: usa Date: Mon Nov 11/22/2004 11:28:18 PM
Just a note to say hello.....have not heard from you in a while......don't forget friends here...
"Dao Go Te'doo Hon Dah

Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 11/21/2004 12:15 AM

Name: Brian Saltzman
Country: usa Date: Fri Nov 11/19/ 2004 3:43:15 PM
I am a Deputy Sheriff in Colorado. I would like any info you could give me on your classes. Thank you in advance,

Name: James B. Speights
Country: usa Date: Thu Nov 11 12:06:01 2004
Comment: Greetings I came across your site when looking for any information I could find on the fighting arts of the human beings. I am gladd to have found this and would like more information. Peace and blessings James

Name: Fire Dog
Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 14 06:02:45 2004
Comment: It is good to see how much exposure Apache Knife has gotton over the past year since I moved away from CI Redfeather. Stay safe, and train true. Tomorrow isnt promised to anyone, especially our enemies! See you on the other side Harvey, watch over us Brother.

Name: George Lepine
Country: Canada Date: Fri Oct 8 18:22:05 2004
Comment: Hi Robert, It was a pleasure meeting you at the 7th World Martial Arts Festival. All us at Native Canadian Oki Chi Taw Martial Arts look forward to seeing your team next year! Take Care - Love and Respect, George Lepine, Master Instructor
NCCT Martial Arts Program

Name: Anthony
Country: The Netherlands Date: Wed Sep 29 01:29:38 2004
Comment: Hi, Very nice site. The grandfather of my grandpa was a cherokee indian. So it is nice to see that you all keep the tradition alive. Keep on training hard, Anthony
Laban Katotohanan International
(Arnis-Silat-Muay Thai)

Name: Lisa Escobar
Country: usa Date: Tue Sep 14 19:43:44 2004
Comment: This is just a note to say thank you for posting the pictures of Raindog. He was my nephew and I learned he took your seminar. He learned alot from you. Lisa Escobar. P.S His mom had raindog tatooed over her heart.

Name:  Wardog
Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Sep 8 17:48:07 2004
Comment: I just found out about Sgt. Parkerson on your web site. I met him at my first Apache Knife course at Camp Pendleton. Although I did not know him, I can't help but feel a profound sadness for the loss of my fellow Marine and Ghost Dog. My condolences to his family and friends. Semper Fi Rain Dog!! To those that are currently serving our country, thank you!! With respect... Dominc.

Name: Dwight McLemore
Country: Date: Mon Aug 16 01:56:45 2004
Comment: Redfeather Just a small note to say that I discovered your website, and really enjoyed what I saw. Really looks like good work. I noticed that you have made a DVD and that all are sold out. Is this still the case? I would really like to purchase one. Please check out Paladin Press for my two humble efforts in your area of interest. Bowie & Big Knife Fighting System The Fighting Tomahawk There is also a bio there under author of the month. Really would like to meet and train with you some.

Name:  Faustino Fredericks
Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 31 01:45:42 2004
Comment: I attended the July 17&18 2004 Training in California. After having 2 weeks to absorb and reflect on what I learned, I believe now what I thought at the time of the training. That this is the best 2 day seminar that anyone can attend. I still vividly recall everything that was taught in class and was practiced in a realistic fighting scenario. Chief Instructor Robert Redfeather is personable and makes the serious business of self defense fun. I can 't wait to attend again.

Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Jul 3 23:42:40 2004
Comment: CI Redfeather is one of the most outstanding, professional, dedicated, and expert instructors I've ever met. Redfeather's dedication to his art and his students reflects great upon himself and his art. His expertise is unsurpassed; his skill with the knife is the best there is. This is definitely the most realistic training I've ever been in. Every soldier and law enforcement agent in the field needs this type of training. The tools provided in this course can make the difference between life and death for soldiers and Law Enforcement agents alike. I support CI Redfeather's Apache Knife Training 100% and hope our Armed Forces and Law Enforcement agencies sponsor this type of training for the people in the field.

Country: U S A\' Date: Tue Jun 8 18:38:12 2004

Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 6 12:42:05 2004

Name: jonathan.eldridge
Country: usa Date: Thu Jun 3 08:24:49 2004
Comment: i also seen your add in tac. knives and you web site is great i just left the
101st abn div may 8

Name: Steve Collins
Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 1 19:29:48 2004
Comment: I found you in Tactical Knives magazine, and I'm glad I did! Being part Apache, your words struck a chord with me, as I have almost no knowledge of my personal history. I'm stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY, and I look forward to training with you in the near future!

Name: Peter Corpus
Country: Pflugerville TX Date: Fri May 21 11:57:56 2004
Comment: Though it has been over a month since the first of many seminars with you. I keep replaying the moments of the course in my head. Moments when I learned something new (which was often), moments when I was able to maneuver out of the path from a inbound weapon (and thought I was pretty cool especially having been a Marine), and moments when I was NOT able to get out of the way and some part of me felt the sting, the knock, the thump of what later would be a bruise. I also learned its ok to r

Name: Dana
Country: Hawaii, USA Date: Tue May 4 14:29:58 2004
Comment: I think that knife fighting skills would be something I would certainly be interested in the near future. I have taken basic defensive classes for women. I will be sure to visit here again for whatever updates you have.

Country: Philippines Date: Tue Apr 13 21:45:43 2004
Comment: You got a very good site and knife fighting system. I am a filipino martial arts instructor as well as knife fighting afficionado, and i really admire yours, Mine is Tagis-Talim a filipino Knife Fighting System which i based from FMA system that i have learned which i only taught to my family and close friends. Thanks again for having a good site and hope you can visit also the Rapido Realismo Martial Arts site and let us know about how do you feel about the sites. Thanks Guro Isag

Name: Vaughn Brogdon
Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 6 19:48:37 2004
Comment: I enjoyed looking at your website. I never knew that people taught apache knife fighting. I am currently a student in tomuso-bujitsu. I have been invovled with marial arts ever since I was in the 1st grade. Over the years I have taken kung fu , tae-kwon-doe and karate but your style of apache knife fighting seems very effective. I would like to study it one day.

Name: WarDog aka SugarBear
Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 16 10:25:13 2004
Comment: Attended the latest seminar in Buena Park Ca. It was my third one. The classes get better and better. I was thrilled to see great improvement in the skills of my fellow Ghost Dogs as well as my own. Looking forward to seeing you all again in May. I'm still nursing my bumps and scrapes. Another great seminar! Semper Fidelis! This is realistic knife combat training!

Name: Wilson
Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 5 21:27:51 2004
Comment: Hi my brother. I really enjoyed your web site. I look forward to the time when our paths will cross. It is good to see someone keeping our fighting spirit alive. I really enjoyed the DVD and look forward to having a seminar here on the REZ someday. Please E-Mail me back.

Name: bilal al\'amin
Country: U.S. Date: Thu Mar 4 15:46:02 2004
Comment: I'd be very interested in your apachknife fighting course, I'd also be interested in any open hand art your offer. I am a practitioner of Combat Tai Chi (yes there is such an art) under Jimmy Kekkina of Hawaii (also clled outlaw tai chi). I'm always interested in expanding my skills. Do you have a live in program in which one could come and stay in the area while training in your particular system.

Name:  Bryon Shupin
Country: Date: Sat Feb 28 19:17:53 2004
Comment: Dear Mr. Redfeather:
I just got the DVD. Great stuff.
I can hardly wait for spare time to take a seminar
with you. Sincerley,  Bryon Shupin

Name: Danny Hoskins
Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 28 04:34:19 2004
Comment: Thank you Master Redfeather.
I had a great time at your seminar.I had been researching Native American Warrior arts for some time, and was very excitied to come to your seminar.The training was excellent.It has forced me to retink my old knife training and update it with Apache Knife.
Your friend/student  Danny Hoskins

Name: Kelly Moon-gry
Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 27 23:07:02 2004
Comment: Hi, Robert. Good site and a great representation of our people. I notice you mentioned Victorio on your web site. This is very cool. I know a lot of apaches claim blood links with Geranimo. My father stated that he was a direct decidet of Victorio, but in the same phrase he also stated, dont get to excited Victorio had lots of offspring and we were only one of many blood lines.
Kelly (Wind Walker) Moon-gry

Name: Laci Szabo
Country: UAS Date: Sat Jan 24 19:49:15 2004
Comment: Dear Sir:
I received my DVD and I love it, thank you very much for the prompt service, it is still unbelievable that I didn t hear about you before, I guess the best things are always hard to find. I am going to let all my friends know about the Apache knife fighting system, it is absolutely a must. Our school of thoughts is very similar, we train mostly long range. I cannot wait to participate in one of your seminars.

Name:  Laci Szabo
Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 24 19:47:53 2004
Comment: Meanwhile, if you need anything from us, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime, we will be honored to give you priority and great discounts for you and your team on www.szaboinc.com. We specialise in all genres of knives and knife fighting.
If you have never been to the Atlanta knife show, you must try to make it one time, a lot of people would be very interested to meet you. Thank you again for a great product,
In the hope to meet you soon  Sincerely,   Laci Szabo.

Name:  Professor David L. Grosscup
Country: Date: Sat Jan 24 15:55:11 2004
Comment: Master Redfeather,
We met at the 2002 Action Magazine Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I sent you an 8 x 10 photo of you, your partner and myself, which you signed & wrote: May your feet be s***y and strong like the earth and may your hands be fast like the wind. I wish you great success with your upcoming seminars. Keep up the good work and excellent teaching.
It was a real honor meeting you.

Name:  Dominic aka WarDog
Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 5 21:43:32 2004
Comment: I've been to two Apache Knife Fighting seminars already, one of which was held at Camp Pendelton in San Diego, the other in Buena Park Ca. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and wait with great anticipation for the next one. I think that the most important thing that I learned from these seminars is respect for the knife. I feel confident that what I've learned so far will save my life should i ever be unfortunate enough to be attacked. Semper Fidelis!

Name: Jerry Greyhawk Rivera
Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 12 09:09:59 2003
Comment: Redfeather Nanta:It was good to see your site and what it is you offer.The N 'DEE(whom I am also)of the White Mountain and Jicailla bands)have always been to me the ultimate warriors and I am proud to claim the heritage.My father told me stories of the exploits of our people and would love to learn this way,but I live in the East(pa)and there are no exponents here in this part.Can you tell me when your next seminar is in the East.I would love to go.Thank you in advance.J.

Name: Terry & Linda Gail Dahl
Country: Date: Sun Dec 7 23:49:51 2003
Comment: It's nice to see a picture of our son Jason, I guess I'll have to learn this way of fighting just to keep him from getting a big head.

Name: Adam EarthDog Rios
Country: usa Date: Mon Nov 24 00:14:16 2003
Comment: just wanted ti guve you my e mail so youy can send me info on up coming siminars. thank you again for the oppertunity to become the basic instuctor, i loved the class!---EarthDog

Name: Sam Lonewolf, Hanshi
Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Nov 20 12:41:33 2003
Comment: I had the pleasure of meeting my Apache Brother over the phone and had quite a good conversation with him. I welcome my brother into the family of
Native American Indian Martial Artist. Many people forget that we the First Nation People of Turtle Island had our own forms of martial arts before many other forms of martial arts came to this country. There a few Grandmasters of Native
American Indian Heritage and Decent. So welcome to the family Sigung Robert Redfeather.  Sam Lonewolf, S

Name: Al Case
Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 19 15:43:56 2003
Comment: Hi Robert. I met you at Dragonfest and was much impressed by your presence. I look forward to looking into Apache knife fighting. Your-al Case

Name: Cpl Robert J Sorg
Country: Date: Wed Nov 12 02:46:55 2003
Comment: SIr,
My name is Cpl Robert J Sorg, United States Marine Corps. I
recently read an article about how you instucted Marines not to long ago. I
was wondering if if would be possible for you to come out to Marine Corps
Air Station Beaufort South Carolina to give a seminar. I realize this is a
cross country venture so if it is impossible to make this happen I
understand. Thank you for your time. Semper Fi.

Name: Ken Kulczyski
Country: Date: Mon Nov 10 08:47:32 2003
Comment: I read the article about you teaching the Marines at Camp Horno. I just wanted to thank you for your time and what you teach them. I was stationed there a few years ago when I was still in. I think it is great you would share your time and knowledge with them and give them something that will make them a little bit safe.

Name: Ghostdog USMC
Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 29 07:29:01 2003
Comment: I would like to thank you one more time for conducting the Apache Knife seminar on Camp Pendleton on October 20th, 2003. All feedback that I have recieved has been outstanding, and the most frequently asked question "when is the next seminar?" Thank you again CI Redfeather. Your experiance and knowledge was and always will be greatly respected and appreciated among your Marine Corps Ghostdog Family.

Name: David Hidecutter Creger
Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 27 12:50:10 2003
Comment: Greetings Robert !I enjoyed your site and learning about Apache Knife Fighting.Great pictures and info.Hope to see you at Walker 47 while your in the area.I liked the pictures of your new knife and sheath and the cartridge belt.If you need any other leather products please call me.

Name: Tanner Nystrom
Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 20 00:56:07 2003
Comment: Shigong Redfeather's Apache Knife Fighting instruction and tactics far exceed my desires to learn realistic and practical, yet advanced knife training. I feel extremely fortunate and honored to be his student. I have trained with many men that I respect greatly, but I have the utmost respect for Shigong Redfeather. These are honest feelings from the bottom of my heart; take them for what they are. Semper Fidelis

Name: Bryan Nguyen (Homepage)
Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 4 06:45:27 2003
Comment: It's great to be one of the few who are going to "suffer" thru your first ever annual Apache knife training seminar. My Marine buddies and I can't wait until Nov. 22 for this training. We determine to keep this art alive after getting certified by you as Apache Knife instructors and members of the Ghost Dog family. We were at your demonstration and we love what we saw. Thanks for the opportunity.





Dao Go Te' doo Hondah
Means to say It is good we meet and welcome.

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