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Robert Redfeather Chinese Boxing in CA.

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Whether you're a Native who lives out on the Rez, or in the city, take pride in who you are and where
you come from. Embrace your family and tribal histories - the good and the bad. Never forget the struggles your people had to face on their journey. Knowing your heritage and the hardships of your ancestors will give you strength... and the will to overcome your own challenges in life. Focus on your horizon, knowing your past will always be a part of your future.

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Dancing has always been a very important part of the life of the American Indian. ... Silver
Lake Native Traditional Pow Wow, ... Montgomery Indian Pow Wow, ...

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Southern California Indian Center, Inc. Southern California Indian Center, Inc. (SCIC) is a non-profit 501 c(3) community-based organization serving the American Indian, Native Alaskan and Native Hawaiian communities of Los Angeles, Orange, Kern and Riverside Counties -- covering over 5,000 square miles and hosting the largest concentration of urban

American Indian/Native  Alaskans in the nation. 

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MI: Ralph H. Redfeather,     Hand-to-Hand combat in Nagonlkaadi-Nyol.

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Master George J. Lépine Master Lépine developed
Okichitaw and established the School of Native Martial Arts in Toronto, Canada. He is the Director and Chief Instructor ("Okimikahn Kiskino Huma Kew" in Cree).



  ahéhe'e ( Thank you )

Dao Go Te' doo Hondah
Means to say It is good we meet and welcome.

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